Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Fugitive captured in Texas, returned to Oklahoma

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DUNCAN, Okla. (AP) — A Marlow man who failed to show up for his trial on a child sexual abuse charge has been returned to Oklahoma after being captured in Texas.
Stephens County Sheriff Wayne McKinney told newspapers that he and two deputies brought Charles Dyer back to Stephens County on Friday.
"I flew down to Texas with two deputies and took him (Dyer) into custody," McKinney told the Duncan Banner. "We tried to keep this as quiet as possible, because the FBI asked us not to talk about it until we got him back."
The FBI had joined the search for Dyer after receiving information that he had crossed state lines.
McKinney said Dyer seemed worn down from his flight that included nearly a week hiding in and near the Brazos River.
"He said, 'Sheriff, I didn't think you'd send that many men after me,'" McKinney told The Lawton Constitution.
Dyer hadn't been seen since Aug. 12 and failed to appear for the Aug. 15 start of his trial in Stephens County. He had pleaded not guilty to the child sexual abuse charge after his first trial ended in a mistrial in April.
He was arrested Thursday morning near Richmond, Texas, by a Fort Bend County, Texas, deputy sheriff who responded to a call from a resident that Dyer was seen leaving a fast food restaurant.

Dyer back in Stephens County; retrial set

DUNCAN, Okla. – He spent two weeks running from the law, but Monday a Stephens County judge made sure Charles Dyer would not run again, denying his request for bond during an early morning hearing.
Dyer looked much different today than the last time he entered the Stephens County Courthouse.  With dark hair, a beard, and in an orange inmate jump suit and shackles, Dyer was joined by his attorney and family.
District Judge Joe Enos denied Dyer's request and also revoked his $150,000 that was granted back in April.
Stephens County District Attorney Jason Hicks was out of town today, but 7News was able to reach him by phone.  Hicks says as of today, Dyer's retrial is rescheduled for October. 
Despite the recent extreme exposure of his case, Hicks says the trial is still set to be held in a Stephens County courtroom.  While that could change, Hicks says everyone is taking some solace in knowing that Dyer is back in their jail for now.  Something that proved to be more difficult than anyone expected.
Dyer found himself in the same courtroom he sat in just four months ago.  But today, instead of a suit and tie and clean shaven appearance, Dyer took on a much different look while donning an orange jumpsuit, beard, and black hair.
"I never remembered Mr. Dyer having black hair or beard.  So I asked him, I said ‘Charles, I didn't think your hair was black.' He said, ‘It's a bottle.'  He dyed it, he changed his appearance and it worked a little bit," said Stephens County Sheriff, Wayne McKinney.
McKinney and two deputies flew to Texas by helicopter to bring Dyer back; something they felt was necessary to everyone's safety.
"Due to all the attention he received in the nationwide manhunt, we felt it was the safest, not only Dyer himself but for us," said McKinney.
McKinney says even while Dyer was a wanted fugitive who ran for days and led authorities on a wild chase, his attitude seemed far different than that of a wanted criminal.
"He was very nice and polite.  The first thing he said to me was ‘Sheriff, I'm sorry to cause you all the problems.' I said ‘Well Charlie, it's over with now.'"
McKinney says Dyer seemed surprised to hear so many people were looking for him.
"He said ‘I just can't imagine that you sent that many people looking for me.'"
Now that he is back, McKinney says he and the DA hope for one thing…
"What's important is that Mr. Dyer gets a fair trial.  If for some reason the court feels there needs to be change of venue based on publicity, that's the way it should be."
As 7News reported last week, Dyer was captured after he was seen ordering a cherry lime-aid at a Texas' Sonic Drive-In.  When McKinney asked Dyer why he risked getting caught over the soda, Dyer told him he was just tired of drinking dirty water from the river he had been hiding near.


All that, and Dyer's back in the jaws of the beast that's been trying to devour him for the past two years.  For speaking out for America. 

We need a presence in Duncan, Oklahoma; people willing to take turns keeping a local vigil over J4P so they cannot think starve him or have some narc shank him because no one's watching.

We need Dyerfest to happen.

Dyerfest needs above all a venue.  I am specifically looking for a donated space with power, restrooms in a county or municipality under an Oath Keeper type Sheriff to keep the scumbags at bay.
We will also need a website or some kind of internet venue for a live stream.  Live streams from supporting rallies across America can also participate, or even from individuals on their computers.
The purpose of Dyerfest is to raise both money to save the Dyer farm and to raise awareness of the blatant criminality of how Stephens Co. Oklahoma, the state of Oklahoma and US government have persecuted an all but designated enemy of the state.
We need to make this a 3% event so come fully armed as an additional middle finger to the enemy.  Loaded main battle rifle and sidearm.
After that, food vendors and entertainment-musicians, games, live theater, a patriot film festival.  Speakers, seminars by knowledgeable people on the law, shooting, political round table, etc.
Don't know if we'll make the Sept. 10 time I wanted.  We need to act FAST as the 90 days to pay off the Dyer farm will soon be up.  Spread the word.
J. Croft

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Attila L. Vinczer said...

The direct discussions I had with Sgt. Dyer, tells me without a doubt he is already a victim of a gross injustice and malicious prosecution strongly driven by Child Protective Services who is adamant that he NEVER sees his daughter again even if he is fully acquitted! This man has already been crucified and there is little to no hope of a fair trial, the same as Vladek Filler in Maine and countless other men like them.

This kind of tyranny must be exposed as anyone else could meet this fate. Recently in Ontario we had William Mullins-Johnson freed after serving over 12 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. There too, CAS/CPS was deeply behind the drive to destroy an innocent man aided by the disgraced pathologist, charles randal smith. William was recently awarded $4.25 million by the Ontario Government which does not and can not replace 12 years of one's life! Another man in Ontario who I can not name has recently been freed from prison on bail pending appeal. He was charged, convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison for a rape against his own child that never happened!