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As I'm writing this Charles Dyer has been labeled a fugitive from justice.

He was cruelly set up.

First, there's this message on his YouTube channel:

MrTruthInformer (23 hours ago)
Ok everyone, time is of the essence...this info must be gotten to Charles Dyer, aka JULY4Patriot, We have 18 HOURS to get r done!!!!! GET this info online any place you can. Please. This info to Charles, means he may go back home to his Mom and Dad. >>>> No trial on August 15, 2011 For Dyer. On Saturday, the court has granted an extension and change of venue GRANTED!! Monica Freeman, below and stalking, has admitted to burning J4P's house to the ground. LEOs have her in custody. This message must be reposted and put out there, for J4P. There are NO added charged Charles!!! Thanks. Anyone please repost this.

That channel is not available.

I guess Dyer was informed he got a extension and change of venue due to how he was being railroaded.

But now, they've labeled him a fugitve:

From AWRM.ORG via Texas Resistance:

I don't believe this. They must have told JP4 the wrong court date.


August 15, 2011
BREAKING NEWS: Dyer now a fugitive from justice

Toni Hopper The Duncan Banner

DUNCAN — Charles Alan Dyer failed to appear for trial today in Stephens County District Court and is now considered a fugitive from justice.

Dyer has been charged with a felony count of child sexual abuse against a child under 10 years of age and was to have appeared in court this morning, with the possibility of the trial beginning. Instead, Dyer is now the focus of a nationwide manhunt.

“Right now, he’s a dangerous man,” said Stephens County Sheriff Wayne McKinney, about 10:40 a.m. Monday.

It is expected a press conference will be held today by Stephens County District Attorney Jason Hicks, along with McKinney.

Dyer has been free since April, when a mistrial was declared on the same charge. The second trial was to have begun today, and Hicks said he had been prepared to go to trial.

Two developments have taken place since Friday, one directly connected to Dyer’s case and another authorities think could also be connected to the case.

On Friday afternoon, there was an emergency hearing in district court at which the 30-year-old Dyer was present. He appeared with attorneys David Hammond and John Stuart of Stuart and Hammond law office of Duncan.

Also on Friday near Marlow, an alleged arson fire destroyed a mobile home that Dyer had lived in at one time. Monica Freeman, of Duncan, was arrested around 10 p.m. Friday and was charged with the arson in connection with the fire at the mobile hope.

She is expected to appear in court today for arraignment on formal charges.

After a roll call of the jury pool this morning in District Court Judge Joe Enos’ courtroom, it became apparent Dyer was not available. Hammond was at the defense table and Dyer’s mother, Jan Dyer, and his sister were in the courtroom lobby.

Enos inquired if Dyer was present and then asked Hammond when he’d last seen or spoken to his client. Hammond said that occurred at the emergency hearing Friday.

Dyer, a former U.S. Marine, was charged in January 2010 with the child sexual abuse charge and also on a federal charge of possessing a Colt M203 grenade launcher. He was acquitted on that charge in May 2010 in federal court.

Updates on this story will appear on The Duncan Banner website today and a complete story will appear in Tuesday’s edition of The Banner.

Nationwide manhunt underway for Charles Dyer
Posted: Aug 15, 2011 12:24 PM CST

DUNCAN – The trial of Charles Allan Dyer took an unexpected turn as the case was called for trial. The District Court called the matter for trial around 10 a.m. on Monday. The State of Oklahoma, through District Attorney Jason Hicks announced ready for trial. When the Court called Dyer's name, he failed to answer the call. The Court inquired as to Dyer's whereabouts. Dyer's attorney, David Hammond, announced that he had not been in contact with Dyer, and that the last communication he had with Dyer was a couple of days ago.

Dyer's bondsman, David Moore, announced that he also had not been in contact with Dyer. The Court immediately revoked Dyer's bond and issued a bench warrant for the arrest of Dyer. The Court additionally set a bond on the warrant in the amount of $500,000.

Dyer's home, located in northeastern Stephens County burned to the ground in the early morning hours on Friday, August 12, 2011. His girlfriend, Monica Freeman, is currently in custody at the Stephens County jail pending charges for arson in connection with the fire.

As investigators sifted through the remains of Dyer's home, not many of his personal belongings were located. His firearms were removed from the property and were not destroyed in the fire. Investigators indicated that they are not aware of the reason for the missing weapons.

Dyer's whereabouts at this time are unknown and law enforcement is requesting any information regarding Dyer. Sheriff Wayne McKinney said that "Dyer is a very dangerous individual and needs to be found as quickly as possible. Please do not approach the subject alone. You can presume that he is armed and dangerous."

Sgt. Dyer is not dangerous. It looks like now they are out to murder him. He has not had any firearms since his ex-wife put a restraining order on him during their divorce over a year ago.

Monica Freeman has admitted to burning his home to the ground-second degree arson!

From Dyer's YouTube:

illchemist07 (1 day ago)
MARLOW, Okla. - New information Saturday morning about that mobile home in Marlow which was destroyed in an early Friday morning fire. The Stephens County Sheriff's office with the help of the state fire marshall arrested 34-year-old Monica Joy Freeman of Duncan late Friday night for second degree arson.

UPDATE: July4Patriot has reposted his video testimony after 3 months of complying with a court take down order-same court that commited FRAUD and gave Dyer a extension and change of venue, then turns and declares him a fugitive for missing his court date!

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