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Wednesday, 03 August 2011

LINKS: August 3, 2011

Some items of interest (thanks so much to Shlok for doing the links while I'm on vacation this week on Lake Michigan):
  • Greg Lindsay on the drone-wielding superempowered
  • Printing UAVs. Watch it fly here
  • Question:  was taking a look at medical equipment and ran into the Israeli Battle Dressing   Any practical experience on this relative to other products that are out there?
  • Operation Shady Rat. Sustained, silent, IP theft from 70 organizations across 14 countries.  More.  What we have witnessed over the past five to six years has been nothing short of a historically unprecedented transfer of wealth — closely guarded national secrets (including from classified government networks), source code, bug databases, email archives, negotiation plans and exploration details for new oil and gas field auctions, document stores, legal contracts, SCADA configurations, design schematics and much more has “fallen off the truck” of numerous, mostly Western companies and disappeared in the ever-growing electronic archives of dogged adversaries.
  • Converting a pool into a garden capable of sustaining a family of four. 
  • Richard Heinberg's 'Who Killed Economic Growth' video: 

Tuesday, 02 August 2011

LINKS: August 2, 2011

Some items of interest:
  • DIY ELINT drone. Two smart guys got together to build a drone that can crack wifi and GSM signals and capture information. Here's their site. 
  • Tours to see urban chicken coops and meet owners. Cool to see communities spring up around backyard chickens.
  • The solar collector you already have. Any window that receives direct sunlight is an opportunity for an air/water heater or a greenhouse. George also has more videos.
  • U.S. debt visualized as hard currency.
  • Warfare meme tracking. DARPA is spending $42 million to track trending content and ideas across the global information system.
  • Pair this $250 device to your Android phone via Bluetooth and send/receive texts using the Iridium satellite network.
  • Chris examines the World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report 2011, which covers systemic threats to the global system. 
  • Foxconn is hiring 1 million robots over the next three years. More on robots at Miiu.

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