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From Texas Resistance at awrm.org:

July4Patriot (Sgt. Charles Dyer) spoke on Mark Koernke's Militia Intel Report last Friday. You can hear him here: http://intel.militias.info/2011/TheIntelligenceReport.
With Fire Fox browser you can click it to download it or copy and paste it into Win Amp to play it.

July4Partiot talked of his meeting with the judge last week where he told the judge that he was firing his attorney and he was going to be representing himself because his attorney appears to really be working for the prosecution rather than defending him. The Judge said that if July4Patriot fires his attorney his bond would be revoked and he would be immediately placed in jail.

July4Patriot's friend Texas Militia Babe Debbie Swan has made several YouTube Videos showing what we can do to help July4Patriot. You find them on her YouTube channel here:

The population of the county JP4 lives in (Stephens County, Oklahoma) is only 43,000 people with no major cities in the area. JP4 has spent over $60,000 on attorney fees and cannot find any work in his area because of the major news media's lies and publicity about him.

You can donate to his defense fund by clicking the Donations For Legal Expenses tab on his blog here:
The donations go directly to his mother's Pay Pal account. If you want to donate to his defense fund with a check or money order you can send it here to his mother: Jan Dyer, 5103 Hope Rd., Marlow, OK, 73055

July4Patriot is being falsely charged and persecuted just because he is the best motivational speaker we have in the Patriot/Militia movement. The fedcoats hate his videos and speeches and want him railroaded to prison on false charges. You can watch his excellent and highly motivational video "The Right To Defend Freedom" here:

July4Patriot's second trial starts Monday August 15th. They failed to get a conviction in his first trail so they are bringing him to trail again on the same false child molestation accusations made by his lying vindictive drug using ex-wife. Please help him any way you can. He needs local supporters in the Duncan, Oklahoma area too.

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