Saturday, August 27, 2011


HAARP affects the ionosphere, it's out of Raleigh, North Carolina. Very intense perfectly circular high frequency blasts ahead and left of the path of Irene.

A comment left on Dutchinsense's You Tube channel:

Dutch, I can tell you from an engineering standpoint, because I hold a degree in Electrical Engineering and specialized for many years in design and build out of communications systems (radio towers) that were fed their data through microwave hops, that there is nothing in nature that can produce these almost-perfect rings. These are, as they appear, rings caused by transmitting apparatus that is being received by the equipment that you are monitoring. You are right on target. tomperanteau 2 hours ago 22

If you know Steve Jackson's Illuminati Card Game you know that it has playing cards that depict events that happened later, like 9/11... as if planned.  A second video connecting that card, the predictive programming in "The Addams Family" and Hurricane Irene:

I've covered HAARP before.  It's a secret government Tesla weapon that can create and steer storms through electromagnetic manipulation of the atmosphere.  It may even be powerful enough to trigger earthquakes.  What are their intentions? 

In 2005 with Katrina, HAARP was used to steer it away from doing more damage to New Orleans.  It was also used to weaken other threatening hurricanes.

More here:

In any event, be prepared; have food, water purification, knowledge, skills, guns, ammunition, tools, and a network of allies. 

When you hear the words 'martial law' for whatever reason-RUN!!

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