Monday, August 22, 2011


Everyone, Charles Dyer needs our help, but so does his family as they are under not only crushing legal bills from the enemy's previous attempts to silence one of our greatest voices, there is also the bond his family signed their farm over to keep Dyer out of jail so he could defend himself.
However the enemy is desperate to shut him up once and for all so on the Friday previous to his Monday August 15th court date, his home with his evidence and everything he had was burnt to the ground.  Burnt.  He's homeless now.  Dyer asked for a week's continuance-I read he got it and a change of venue at first but as it turns out he was denied even a measly week.  His lawyer's on the enemy's team, he has nothing left, his home's gone, and facing a court date where it was certain he was going to be railroaded into prison Charels Dyer ran.
I don't know what his plan is.  Never met or contacted him.  I DO know what we can do; save his family farm, get them out of their legal debt pit, expose the truth on how the feds are attempting to silence this American dissident-and have a lot of fun doing it celebrating being Americans.
Hence, Dyerpalooza.
What I envision is an open ended celebration-I stated September 9th or 10th as when it should be done.
There needs to be a main gathering, just outside Stephens County, Oklahoma because they're the locals trying to railroad Dyer.  Maybe not even Oklahoma since it's a state case against him, so perhaps Texas.
Now, I know there will be people who can't travel hundreds or thousands of miles to that site so they should make their own gatherings in their areas.
We can link together via the internet.  Have a central coordinator with reporters along with live feed channels at each gathering and each person who remains online.  The main event needs to have some live music, entertainment, etc. along with discussions and most of all, presentation of Dyer's case.
Everyone must give.  Must.  Make a video of you kicking at least a few dollars and a letter of support, video yourself mailing that sealed letter and post it online.
Here's the address:
Jan Dyer
5103 Hope
Marlow, ok
Dyer's own website is below for electronic transfers:
If you can help with on site coordinating, setting up a website, want to set up your own event in your own area in support of Dyer then kindly reply at my email,

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