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J. Croft

You gave years of your life to defend America. You might have given an eye, a limb, years off your life or
your sanity, or gained years of serious health problems.

You gave-and you’d like to think that your sacrifice was to preserve America… but I have some bad news: what you gave was taken by a pack of violent, psychotic inbred blueblood “elites” for their own gain.
Leftist rant? Right wing paranoia? You think I’m wearing a tinfoil hat?

Then how come the borders are wide open yet Americans are being accosted Gestapo-style at our airports and bus stops? How come checkpoints are sprouting up all over our once Free nation? How come thirty million illegals can run rampant in our once Free nation yet we are constantly accosted by overtestosteroned uneducated cretins with guns and fragile egos-known as cops-for the most asinine “infractions” and run through a cash register legal system?

How come lawyers run this country and write the laws and administer them, prosecute us for their laws? How come we let bureaucrats enforce each and every asinine rule and impose life destroying penalties on whole families and communities? How come we let what’s supposed to be our government commit massive fraud against the People by taking the money from all those taxes and investing them in for –profit financial vehicles, then taking the profit and using it to pay the bills? (Go to to confirm this).
How come known traitors like Bill and Hillary Clinton-who murdered children with poison gas and fire at Waco and sold nuclear weapons secrets to Red China-can still walk free? Run for President? How come we let the government enforce “free speech zones”? How come We the People let a few interconnected megacorporations own the banking, media, financial institutions who then turn around and have systematically looted our nation and ruined our future? How come We the People refuse to confront these problems because we’re trained by the media to be more preoccupied with Dog busting the N word in a private phone call to his own son, or Lindsay Lohan giving the paparazzi some fresh “wardrobe malfunctions”?
Is this what you fought and sacrificed your youth, your health, your future for?


The current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are proving to be frauds. If 9/11 was planned and staged from Afghanistan by Bin Ladin, how is it we can’t find that six foot plus old man and his kidney dialysis machine? Worse, how is that before 9/11 we were trying to cut a deal with the Taliban for a oil pipeline? How is it that opium production is the highest it’s ever been in that sorry land under NATO?

Iraq… we’ve been waging war against the cradle of Human civilization for the past fifteen years! Saddam Hussein was our CIA stooge-we armed him with chemical weapons for use against the Iranians. We encouraged him to attack both Iran and Kuwait when they slant drilled into their oil wells. When Saddam did just that, we went to war-go track down that CFR stooge April Glaspie, maybe the bitch will tell the truth on how she suckered our own stooge into destroying his own country.

And we have destroyed Iraq. A short catalogue of the US government’s war crimes:

*Coup that plants CIA stooge Saddam Hussein in absolute power.

*Eight years of brutal war against Iran-which only ended in stalemate, exhaustion, millions dead-all because our stooge Hussein-photographed shaking hands with Donald Rumsfeld was absolute dictator and led that nation to war.

*Baiting Saddam to invade Kuwait commencing direct hostilities against Iraq.

*Desert Storm, which led to a decade of devastating economic sanctions against a already defeated war weary Iraqi people. In spite of the fact that the only people those sanctions affected were the estimated one million Iraqi children… children dying of starvation and disease… those sanctions weren’t deemed sufficient; under the guise of “no fly zones” Iraq’s basic infrastructure was systematically bombed.

*Operation Iraqi Freedom, waged even though there was NO connection to 9/11, NO proof that war ravaged land was-or could-develop nuclear weapons. You Iraq veterans were sent in, inadequetly equipped because Rumsfeld wanted to wage the war on the cheap… made to HALT for three days… you could’ve been attacked if Saddam had nukes. Again, there was no plausible reason for an invasion. Sure Iraq was conquered. Then what? Shattered infrastructure-still unrepaired? Daily terror from your fellow soldiers driven to paranoia and psychosis? Iraq’s Mesopotamian heritage stretching back six thousand years-looted? The near universal hatred of a entire nation every day we’re there, every innocent gunned or bombed out by warplanes and artillery?

That’s just Iraq. What about Vietnam-the staged Gulf of Tonkin “attack” that led to our decade long wasted effort, over a million Vietnamese dead-and our “leaders” just pull out, when the Marines could’ve taken Hanoi?

What about Korea-American troop positions, plans, and even personnel rosters were dutifully reported to the UN… which gave them to the Soviets, who gave them to the North Koreans and Chinese and caused a three year stalemate?

Let’s briefly examine World War Two; how FDR deliberately offered a collection of obsolete, old battleships to the Japanese Navy to piss you off enough to go to war? How about the US government forcing Japan into a corner with a embargo? How about Dubya’s granddaddy Prescott Bush helping to finance the rise of the Nazi Party and Adolf Hitler? How about IBM helping the Nazis catalogue the Jews with primitive punch card mechanical computers? How about our support of the co-starter of World War Two, the Soviets, when they and the Nazi’s invaded Poland?

We’ll go on to the First World War-that was started by an assasination of some inbred blueblood duke became the excuse to empty a generation’s worth of war production in a year of some of the most horrific warfare experienced. How is it that the British Empire became the “good guys”; they had a quarter of the Earth’s land mass under their rule? How is it that the German Empire repeatedly offered peace terms-that the British and French refused? How is it that Woodrow Wilson supported the empire that the sun never set on, hoping the Germans would get desperate enough to sink one of our ships, pissing us off enough to get suckered into another war?

American history is filled, filled with false provocations and misplaced rage against those the self-titled “elite” stage manage behind the scenes. For what? Average folks everywhere murdered? Their lands and wealth they struggled to build with honest work stolen? Oppressive empires built and torn down for more empire?


What did you get out your military service? Got to fly some damn cool aircraft, or steer a 90,000 ton aircraft carrier, or shoot automatic weapons. Or maybe it’s having hundreds of men under you, responsive to your orders. Certainly, the military has some sweet perks to get you to sign that dotted line…

No, it was making a difference for your country, your people. That’s what it boils down to. You go in, get told you’re going to do things that matter, and that’s important for people-that they matter in the greater scheme of things. Problem is, the greater scheme of things is controlled, directed, designed by a pack of criminals-violent psychotic bluebloods who consider themselves gods. You’re their toy soldiers and the entire planet is their sandbox. When they’re done with you-when you get too expensive to care for from IED blasts or sucking down too much depleted uranium microparticles you’re kicked to the curb. Back in civilian life, denied your benefits.

They make trillions off weapons sales and stock speculations and you can’t even get treatment for the injuries you got from their wars. They shape history to their whim, and you wind up alone because nobody can live with you and your post-traumatic stress disorder. They pose in front of the flag and proclaim that their scripted conflicts are for securing freedom, and you get harassed by state loving cops for sleeping on steam grates because you’re homeless.

Your biggest enemy was the government you served.

Your biggest enemy IS the government you once served so faithfully.

Your biggest enemy is still on the offensive against us all; keeping us at each other’s throats… what will it take for you to rise to our defense?


More than you can realize, but do you have the will?

You need to anyway because, look around; America has been used and abused and put away wet with false wars, economic vampirism, globalism-all perpetrated by flag waving traitors. Why is it that a lot of those who wave the flag hardest, that make the biggest protestations about their “patriotism” turn out to be the biggest traitors?

Vietnam, Korea veterans-you have lots of actual combat experience, like the Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, and some of you still have your health. Yet you remember how America was supposed to be… you need to enter the political arena-like the G.Is of Athens Tennessee who in 1946 rose up against small town tyranny and won. The difference is today’s tyranny is bureaucratic in nature, and universal… those criminals with law degrees know how to hide their war against the American People behind the flag and the fantasies put out by Hollywood.

It’s November, 2007; time to join the Ron Paul Revolution as that man and the people behind him-Americans of all kinds-recognize this is our very last chance at affecting peaceful political change in this country. Join, and do more than support Ron Paul; run for political office in your home town, or some town near you whose local parasites in government service are making life hell for the People.

Those returning from Afghanistan and Iraq, or at least able to if you haven’t been stop lossed your recent combat experience is valuable to the People. They will need lessons on how to defend themselves in modern urban combat when this country is deliberately collapsed, so get with the good Patriots at A Well Regulated Militia and Revolutionary War Veterans Association and form rifle clubs and militias… the Minutemen bravely deployed along our southern border. Know that the beast that is the US government seeks to disarm us all and is already trying to eliminate ammunition by taking it off the market and by putting impossible technological limitations, like the serial numbering ordnance passed in California and signed into law by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

If you’re going back to military service, know that the government’s plan for martial law and dictatorship cannot be allowed to succeed. It would be the final death of the America we hold in our hearts. Know that it will be up to you to thwart the beast inside it’s own military machine. How? That’s best left up to you and where you’re at.

Are you moderately successful? Start laying in private sale war surplus rifles and ammunition, cache them by individual rifle and 500 rounds in a sealed PVC tube, bury them. Bankroll a Appleseed shooting club( outfit( Lay in machine tools, knowledge of basic 19th and 20th century manufacturing techniques. Secure underground tunnels, and smaller caves-most caves are on record and undoubtedly on search lists. Since you being successful have a better knowledge of the local politics than the average American, help finance and advise a emergency recall election campaign to clean out the scum. Back local Patriots with talent. Any vets out there homeless? Any of them you know? Help get them off the streets already!(Yes, they smell and they’re usually messed up in the head but… this is how we thank them for their military service?! We bitch at the government but we act just as cold.)

…See, you actually have money. Jesus said that it’s easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than a rich man reaching heaven because people are supposed to help others-and rich folks can help more folks than anyone else. Whether from metals investments or you have businesses you have resources to make the Second American Revolution happen. So what’s stopping you? You know you’re not going to take it with you, and you’re not even going to be able to give it to your kids because the beast that is the US government and their banker masters are going to steal it from you one way or another anyway.

Are you a regular blue collar guy? Just getting by? You and others can do what a rich person can do-just each of you kick a portion into a fund-that’s not in a bank. And have it in gold and silver. Get back in shape, get shooting ( get a militia unit going ( sort out who can do what, and back your talented people because the beast fears motivated, talented people who hate them enough to dedicate their lives to war against them more than ANYTHING.

Homeless? I don’t know the depths of your pain; what drove you to the street. I do know that you ain’t making it on your own-so band together with other homeless and vets if you haven’t already. Your priority is survival, but first you need shelter, so here’s a crazy suggestion; take over a abandoned home by ADVERSE POSSESSION. Your whole group; if there’s 20 or 30 of you get a big house. You’ll probably wind up in some gang war zone-but you’re vets, so those gangstas you don’t get together against, maybe you can convert them to the Cause. Keep in mind you probably won’t have a car so locate within walking distance of grocery stores and other shopping. This isn’t a permanent suggestion, because the cities will become the citadels of the beast but you can’t do anything else like hold down a job and get your lives back together until you have shelter. Once you have a roof over your heads you can start enacting the suggestions I wrote about above.

Most of all, hardship is coming, like nobody in history has experienced. America has been deliberately sabotaged. We as a people have lost the very means to sustain ourselves to defend ourselves and have become dependant on the very ghouls in pinstripe suits who plotted our downfall. Americans are the most unprepared people in history for collapse-and the planned downfall will be the harshest most horrifying event. They’ll succeed-and most people who survive will probably bow down to eternal slavery-but in that collapse they light the fire that will wind up destroying them. You know about hardship, how to survive, fight, plan, build, think. Take that military training and help those among the 250,000,000+Americans who are going to become destitute and starving in the coming collapse who will listen, who will struggle to get back the America we believe in. The America we can make reality.

The America that minds its own business, yet spreads Freedom to all mankind by motivated individuals who go back to their countries of origin and enact American Revolutions.

The America that has as its priority the maximization of the individual and opportunity for her or him to make the most of themselves in a climate of individual Freedom.

The America that encourages small businesses and for profit coops of blue collar workers for mutual gain yet keeps a one inch leash on big corporations.

The America that doesn’t need to turn every square inch of land into wasteful suburbia, or use it for a dump.

The America that honors it’s treaties, that doesn’t engage in wars of political intrigue or conquest.

The America that doesn’t need a leviathan of a government that sucks up most resources.

The America that leads the way for Man to take their Destiny and expand out into the Universe. See, it’s my vision that if we can overcome the beast, the n.w.o. we can accomplish everything Hollywood dreams of in their sci-fi shows. We have to free ourselves first, and you the Veteran must lead that battle.

J. Croft

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