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Sonic craving leads to capture of Oklahoma fugitive in Fort Bend County
Posted on August 25, 2011 at 3:10 PM
Updated today at 4:54 PM

by Michelle Homer / & Kevin Reece / KHOU 11 News
Fugitive captured

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FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas -- The search for Oklahoma fugitive Charles Dyer ended Thursday morning near Pecan Grove in Fort Bend County.
Dyer was walking down the street with no shirt when a Fort Bend County deputy spotted him around 8 a.m., according to the FBI.
He initially gave the deputy a fake name, but surrendered peacefully in the 9700 block of Mason Road near Farmer Road.
"He was tired. He was just wore out," said FBSO Deputy Jeremy Goodrich. "He put his hands on the car, dropped to his knees and that was it."
Dyer told deputies he hadn't eaten in four days while hiding along the Brazos River. But a craving for a Sonic cherry limeade got the best of him.
After he left the local Sonic, a woman driving by thought she recognized him and called 911.
"His ballcap is pulled over his face and he’s walking with his head down," the woman told the 911 operator. "It just looks very unusual."
Dyer was arrested and taken to the Fort Bend County jail, where a fingerprint check confirmed his identity, Houston FBI spokesperson Shauna Dunlap said in a written statement.
"Anytime you get a fugitive off the streets, especially one that is a child predator, it's a major accomplishment," said FBSO Chief Deputy Craig Brady.
Dyer was arrested near Oakland Elementary and a day care center. An employee at the school said they had been informed of the capture. The school was briefly placed on lockdown, as a precaution.
Dyer, 31, had been the subject of a nationwide manhunt since Sunday when he was spotted in the Sealy area.
A man fitting his description was spotted between Wallis and Orchard in Fort Bend County on Monday.
Dozens of law officers and search dogs converged on the area near Highway 36, but the trail went cold.
The FBI led the search for Dyer, who was scheduled to stand trial in Oklahoma last week on allegations he raped a 7-year-old girl.

Authorities said Dyer’s house in Oklahoma was found burned on August 12, and he never showed up to court the following Monday.
Several command posts were set up in different areas around the country. In Texas, 11 federal, state and local agencies joined forces in the manhunt for Dyer.

The former Marine was believed to be heavily armed, but he didn't have any guns when he was captured. Deputies say he was carrying a large amount of cash.
Dyer reportedly belongs to a group called Oath Keepers. He also posts videos on YouTube under the name "July4Patriot."

Last year, Dyer was charged with unlawfully possessing a grenade launcher.
He will eventually be extradited back to Oklahoma to face the rape charge and a new charge of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.


He's alive. For now.

If he's successfully extradited back to Oklahoma though his odds of survival shrink dramatically. In either event his only hope is for a huge spotlight of attention to be turned on him. Yes, I still want Dyerfest to go forward, it can only help in that. We MUST make those oath traitors constantly aware that we are watching. No more of their bullshit will be tolerated. We need to constantly phone them, checking up on Dyer. We need boots and heels on the ground.

Obviously, his unlawful flight charge? He had cause due to the conduct of the case by the Stephens Co. court, prosecutor, how he was burned out of his home by scumbags w/connections with the Sheriff's dept. IF he winds up in a sort-of fair court he could offer just cause for fleeing, as in fear of his life and unlawful prosecution. Problem is will a attorney step up and help him or will they just shove him through a rubber stamp process as fast as they can, get him on the first prison bus back to Oklahoma?

Oh, and we need those with YouTube accounts to regulary post positive comments about J4P on his YT channel because the enemy has two full time fusion center faggots working it. We have 4000+ members, it shouldn't be too hard to drown them out and flag them.

Other reports below:

I urge each of you to get on the phone to those listed below and state that you feel that an investigation should be conducted. Hopefully with enough calls and if J4P hears that an investigation is in the works, just maybe he will come back and this situation will end peacefully.

I ask that when you talk to those listed below, that you be courteous, calm and professional. No cussing, screaming and war cries. We do not need to add fuel to the fire and we do not need to come off as idiots. We need to draw attention to this matter in a way that something will be done.

It's up to you folks. Tell everyone you know to please make the calls. Make this viral. It may mean life or death of a true patriot. Next time it could be you in this situation.

Attorney General

E. Scott Pruitt


FBI Oklahoma City


State Representative

Mike Ritze


Governor Mary Fallin

Oklahoma State Capitol
2300 N. Lincoln Blvd., Room 212
Oklahoma City, OK 73105


Local: (405) 521-2342

Fax: (405) 521-3353

Office Hours & Additional Information
Tulsa Office of Governor Mary Fallin
440 S. Houston Ave., Suite 304
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74127

Phone (918) 581-2801
Fax (918) 581-2835

Below is a request for the Duncan ,Ok. 73534

State Representative(s)
Representative Dennis Johnson (Republican)
State Representative
2300 North Lincoln Boulevard
Room 435
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Phone: (405) 557-7327
Fax: () -

District Info:
District: 050
2300 North Lincoln Boulevard
Room 435
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Phone: (405) 557-7327
Fax: () -

Complaints against a Judge
Oklahoma Council on Judicial Complaints
The Council receives and investigates allegations of judicial misconduct and when appropriate can recommend intervention or discipline by the Supreme Court or the removal or mandatory retirement of a judge by the Court on the Judiciary. The Council has jurisdiction to investigate the conduct of all persons subject to the Oklahoma Code of Judicial Conduct, including state, municipal and administrative judges.

Complaint forms and instructions may be obtained from the Council at the address and phone numbers listed below.

Gary C. Clark, Chairman
Glen D. Huff, Vice-Chairman
Dr. Leroy Milton, Member

Eric Mitts, Director
Terry West, General Counsel

1901 North Lincoln Boulevard
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
(405) 522-4800
Toll Free in State (877) 873-7468
Fax (405) 522-4752

Filing a Complaint Against an Attorney
Oklahoma Bar Association

1901 North Lincoln Boulevard, Oklahoma City, OK 73105 (405) 416-7000 ()   (800) 522-8065   (405) 416-7001 (Fax)


Well now...looky hyar...

Just read a report that stated that the woman who burned Charles house, used to work for Sheriff McKenny when Charles also worked for the SO as a jailer.

..."his house got burned down by someone he worked with at the Stephens County jail some years ago. This person was also posting on his support page on FB as a fan/supporter. She's now in custody and admitted to burning Dyer's house down stating "God wanted me to punish Charles for being in the militia".



by White Owl 58 minutes ago
At 1230 hrs (EST) on Thursday, August 25, 2011 the Fort Bend County Sheriff's office (Texas) gave a live press release regarding the "capture" of Sgt. Charles Dyer. According to the sheriff, Sgt. Dyer was found walking down a street in broad daylight by a local deputy. The officer placed Charles on the ground at gunpoint and cuffed him. Initially, it was reported that Charles gave a false name, but admitted to his true identity shortly thereafter. He was taken in without incident. No weapons were found in his possession. He was in good shape, even if a little dirty from living in the field (we know how that is!)

The sheriff said that Charles had committed no crimes, such as breaking into homes or vehicles or stealing anything, despite the fact that he had not eaten for four days prior to his arrest. In other words, Sgt. Dyer kept his pledge to place the people above himself. The sheriff went on to say that Charles was well spoken and looked better than he (the sheriff) thought that he would look after living by a river in the brush for the last 5 or 6 days. In all, Sgt. Dyer was on the move for nearly two weeks. He operated alone in an extremely hostile environment...and he victimized NO ONE! Previous FBI interviews on the news admitted that Charles had been presented with opportunities to harm and/or rob people of their vehicles, but did not even show signs of that type of character. So much for the media hype of "dangerous and desperate fugitive" or "armed and dangerous militiaman on the run!"

Sgt. Dyer will be extradited back to Oklahoma by the U.S. Marshall's office as soon as possible. He will undoubtedly be placed in Stephens County custody with no chance for bail. This is possibly the most dangerous place for him to be.

I remain in contact with his family and am in awe of the strength that these people display. They are nothing less than amazing and it is easy to see how a man of Charles' character came from them.

Now, the most important part...the Dyer family has been through more than I would wish on Ghadafi over the last two years. They are financially devastated due to unscrupulous lawyers and corrupt police. Unfortunately, we live in a country where justice must be purchased, not expected. This takes money that the Dyer family no longer has. For those that care, I beg you to visit and make a donation to help ensure a competent defense and fair trial for this man. If the tables were turned, I KNOW that he would do it for you.
Pray for Charles Dyer.  Send money to his family to save their farm.  Find a way to participate in Dyerfest.  Hold those responsible accountable.

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